Mail & Package Forwarding Service

Destination: USA

Plan namePriorityExpress Priority GoldExpress Gold
Membership Fees
Setup Fee (one time)$15.00$15.00$15.00$15.00
Monthly Fee$5.00$5.00$14.00$14.00
Street Address in NY USAFreeFreeFreeFree
Internet real time mail managementFreeFreeFreeFree
Junk Mail Online Discarding OptionFreeFree
Number of free shipments per month0000
Pounds included in free shipments (total)0000
Fax Reception and Online Review
Document Scanning and Online Review
Shipment Insurance Available
Online shipment tracking
Great Savings with shipment consolidation and repacking
Additional Names Permitted In Same Account** 3333
Shipping Costs (for extra shipments)*
Per Shipment (first pound)***$7.25$28.95$6.75$24.95
Additional Pound$2.00$3.45$1.85$2.95
Type of ShipmentRegularExpressRegularExpress
Optional Features & Rates
Document Scanning$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00
# of Pages Included in Base Price6666
Document Scanning (Additional Page)$0.25$0.25$0.25$0.25
Dedicated Fax Setup fee$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99
Dedicated Fax Monthly fee$17.99$17.99$17.99$17.99
Fax Reception in Common Fax (per Fax)$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00
Insurance First $100 (declared Value)$2.00Free$2.00Free
Insurance Additional $100 (declared Value)$2.00$2.00$2.00$2.00
Free Storage Period45 days45 days45 days45 days
Storage Additional Month (per pound)$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00
Repacking (per Box) - Your share of the savings50%50%50%50%
Additional Names in your same account (per name - per month)$5.00$5.00$5.00$5.00
Pickup your items at our office (1st lb)$15.00$15.00$15.00$15.00
Pickup your items at our office (additional lb)$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00

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