We are a relatively young but a very progressive company operating at the market We have been working on the market of e-commerce since 2001. Our task is to provide high quality and urgent services related to purchasing and selling all kinds of goods at the world’s most popular eBay auction and through numerous online stores. Our greatest wish is to become and remain every client’s reliable partner.

It is not a secret that American online auctions and stores provide shoppers from the whole world with a unique opportunity to purchase all sorts of original brand new goods. All of them do their best to meet the basic requirements of every shopper: to sell goods at affordable prices, suit any taste and offer high quality products. Our mission is to assist clients in eliminating all sorts of possible shopping mistakes and help to make the shopping process as convenient and efficient as possible. Due to our hard work and desire to meet the most incredible requirements of our clients, we managed to gain and maintain popularity and confidence among all our clients. We help our clients to make the right choice and to get maximum benefits from the cooperation with us. Since 2001 we have already sent thousands of packages to all parts of the world, and many more are still in store.

We provide our clients with the following services:

  • Negotiating with products sellers
  • Paying for the goods purchased at auctions including eBay and in numerous online stores
  • Composing and performing check (if the client finds it appropriate)
  • Making real pictures of the purchased goods (if the client makes a relevant request)
  • Repackaging goods (if the client needs it)
  • Handling sellers’ payments
  • Delivering packages by using services provided by UPS, Fedex, USPS or DHL
  • Warehousing (up to 2 months)
  • Storing the goods purchased by the client

Our company can propose a lot of payment options. Unfortunately, the majority of American online stores refuse to accept payments made in countries rather than the USA. However, we offer a wonderful opportunity to pay for the purchased goods by using our relevant service. We are happy to be able to help numerous shoppers from various countries of the world to order and receive the goods they want. It is important for us to realize that our activity is useful for a great number of shoppers. That’s why we do our best to develop and offer our clients new payment options.

We work with our clients according to a simple scheme. As soon as our client makes an order, our manager calculates the total amount that includes all delivery fees and taxes. After that the client receives an invoice to be paid. When we see that the payment has been made by the client, we pay for the ordered goods and deliver them to one of our warehouses. Then we pack the purchased products in accordance with the client’s requirements and forward them to the address specified in the order.

Our company accepts all types of debit and credit cards.

We guarantee that with our aid you will achieve goals of any shopper. You will purchase American original high quality goods at low prices and save time and funds.

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